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Our Approach

If you're lucky, your cosmopolitan group of friends are scattered all about the globe, and anywhere you want to go, an inside source awaits you. If you're like the rest of us, that friend of a friend is hard to track down. That's where we come in. Consider us your network, your friend abroad - eager and excited to share with you our passion for the city you can't wait to explore.


Our Story

Hi! My name is Hannah and I founded Well Traveled. After college I moved to Italy for graduate school. As a wide-eyed twenty something I found every sensation of Italy intoxicating - my uneven apartment floor, the scent of the never-ending January rain on the 500-year-old cobblestone, my first successful stamp purchase in Italian, even my broken heater. I made a conscious decision to enjoy my limited years abroad by fully immersing myself in what it meant to truly "live" in Italy (except for my flip flops - I refused to give up my flip flops).

I became increasingly tapped by friends, family, and friends of friends for tips on planning their Italian vacation, semester abroad, etc. And I became increasingly insistent that these travelers experience authentic Italy - and the beautiful (albeit sometimes hard) lessons it has to offer. I was a local - and while I never could claim to know it all - I could help people leave Italy with more than an apron with a screen print of the David's body - but with beautiful little lessons of Italian culture they could welcome into their own lifestyles. (But still do get the David apron).

The greatest gift of my time abroad was an introduction to a network of expats and natives who are just as passionate about their cities and eager to advise you on how to experience the best of their hometown.

So allow Well Traveled to connect you with that friend of a friend abroad. They can help you do more than  see the world, but to explore it with confidence.


Tell us a little about yourself and a little about your trip. We'll match you with the perfect consultant.