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    The Wonderful Waterworks of Rome

    One could argue that Rome, among many things, is the world’s first water park. Roman emperors prioritized access to fresh water for its residents along with food (welfare that looked more like a high-end Vegas buffet) and entertainment (think Christians v. lions). Their aqueducts fed sprawling public bathhouses and thousands of fountains throughout the city offering clean water to all. While the bathhouses may be dried up ruins today, the city continues to gurgle with clean water feeding the city’s 2,000+ fountains. That’s right – on top of everything else wonderful and perfect about Rome, its freaking pristine water is basically healing and will save you tons of money on…

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    Couch Culture: Visiting the Museums and Historic Sites of Italy from Home

    By Evelyn Hill, Well Traveled Consultant living in Turin Many people unfortunately had to cut short, postpone, or cancel their trips to Italy due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We’re left doing whatever we can to find little escapes without leaving the living room. Luckily for us, Google has assisted museums around the world in step up their digitization game and provide tours and their entire collections in HD. Originally drawn to Italy to study Art History and Archaeology, I do believe in the power of experiencing art first hand. However, more than ever, I appreciate what an amazingly powerful tool digital museums can be in creating accessibility to art and…