Frequently Asked Questions


Do you book hotels, transportation or tours?

No. In order to provide the best service possible, it's important to us that our consultants are not in the travel business but real locals. We're here to give all the advice you need on what to book, but do not book for you.

Does Well Traveled receive commission for recommendations?

Never! Core to our values is providing honest advice from locals, so that you know the advice you are given is motivated by nothing more than a desire for you to have the best experiences the world has to offer.

Can I reach out to my consultant for additional questions after our consultation?

We are happy to continue to help planning your trip! However, we request that you make contact with your consultant via the contact form on the website, or book additional hours. Don't worry - we'll make certain to match you with the same consultant you loved the first time.

What cities does Well Traveled cover?

We are currently focused on cities in Italy. In particular - Rome and Florence, and the surrounding countryside. We do plan on expanding to cover most of Europe. Send your feedback in the Contact Us tab, to tell us in what cities you would like to connect with a local.

How do I become a consultant?

Send us your info in the Contact Us form or reach out directly to hannah@welltraveled.io. Please include details about your time in the city you would like to be a consultant for, as well as your CV.