Travel Consultation from a Local

Ask a local any question you have about your upcoming travel, move, or adventure.

Think of us as your friend of a friend who just so happens to live in the very city you are planning your next travel.  Ask us the questions you can't answer in a travel book, and would rather not comb through online forums to find. Consider us your inside source to the city.


Book time with a local consultant

Use our online booking tool to purchase the number of hours you need to plan your trip. We charge a flat fee of $79 per consultation hour which will be invoiced upon completion of your sessions.

Video Chat with Your Consultant

After you submit your booking, a member of the Well Traveled team will be in touch to connect you with your hand-picked consultant. We ask that your local consultant connect with you via Zoom video conferencing, for a face-to-face meeting. Assistance will be provided as needed.

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How much time should I expect to spend with a consultant?

This is completely up to you and your travel/relocation needs. Below, we have some recommendations if you need a starting point. Can't commit? No problem. You can always book additional time with your consultant if you need more time.

From the top: 5 Hours 

It's your first time visiting and you don't even know where to begin with research. We recommend you book at least 5 hours with a consultant so they can not only help shape your itinerary, but also identify the best places to stay, how to get around, and still have time to make give you the confidence of a seasoned traveler.

Lost in the forum forrest: 2-3 Hours

You dove in to trip planning. But somewhere in the sea of information, you started to question who was legit, what time it was, and who you even are. 2-3 hours with a local will be plenty of time to validate the information you've already found and fill in the gaps for the rest of your questions.

Final touches: 1 Hour

The structure of your schedule is set and your bags are almost packed. Now, you simply need a seasoned expert to add a local finish to your itinerary - weaving in hacks for cutting those long lines and artisan gelato breaks.


Tell us a little about yourself and a little about your trip. We'll match you with the perfect consultant.


Setup a free 15 minute consultation to decide if WT is right for you.