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Where can I find the best  cacio e pepe in Rome?

What's the best time of day to visit the Uffizi?

Seriously, where are the restrooms in this city? 

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Travel & Relocation Consult

Cut time, cut money, and cut to the chase by consulting a local about your upcoming travel or relocation to their hometown. Our consultants are sure to have an A for every Q on your list. Don't know where to start? We'll come prepared with foundational tips to begin the planning process.

Insider Tips

There's no room for tourist traps when exploring the world. Breathe easy. With our kick-back-free consultation model, you can have confidence that the inside scoop you're getting is 100% free of all ulterior motives. That hotel, that pasta, that hole in the wall bookshop - authentically the best.

Practical Advice

Maslow's hierarchy of needs tells us that we need food, shelter, and a validated train ticket in order to achieve travel self-actualization  (or something like that). Stroll the streets with the ease of a local, leaning on our consultants for practical advice on everything from safety to tipping.

things people say...

“We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip than our honeymoon to Rome and Florence. With Well Traveled’s help, we were able to enjoy all these two beautiful cities had to offer. Whether it the perfect rec for a hotel in the heart of Rome, a hole-in-the-wall sandwich place in Florence, or tips and tricks for conquering the famous sites and sounds - we truly felt like we got the full Italian experience. We are already counting down the days till we return (and have a another bite of Ino’s sandwiches)!” -Brandon & Kimberly

"Well Traveled's recommendations made my trip to Italy a massive success. All the recommendations were spot on and it made it so much easier to plan out each day through my trip. Little insider tips on when I should go to different places made everything run so much more efficiently. My trip wouldn't have been as successful without Well Traveled." - Stephen


Because you are part of a new generation of travelers who seek participation over observation. You travel in order to understand and experience lifestyles unlike  your own. You desire to truly live in new place for a month, a week, a day. And what better way is there to learn the ropes, than going straight to the source?

*We're new! Check our booking form to see the cities our consultants reside in. We hope to add to this list as we grow. 


Tell us about yourself by submitting a booking form. Include as much detail as possible about your travel hopes, dreams, and curiosities.

Connect with a local consultant. Well Traveled will reach out within 48 hours of your booking to match you with a local in your destination of choice who is uniquely equipped to advise you. Your consultant will lead the charge, scheduling time to chat.

Chat face to face with your consultant via our preferred video chat platform of preference -  Zoom. Not a zoom user? No problem. We can provide a quick tutorial to bring you up to speed.

Lay it on us! Consider us your BFF abroad. Ask us anything you want and need to know about your travel, your move, your  upcoming study abroad. And all the while, enjoy our kickback-free consultation model - guaranteeing honest advice.




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